Border Terrier and Wire Coated grooming tips …


If you have a dog with a wire haired coat such as a border terrier, Dachshund, Cairn Terrier to name a few then here’s a few tips after being asked the questions below on how to keep the coat shiny, healthy and tidy looking …


Any advice on grooming a smelly scruffy border terrier who wiggles?!


Ideally hand stripping at a groomers or most commonly clipped. If wanting to tidy him up yourself in between, try a Kong Zoom groom brush costing around £5-£6, it’s a rubber brush with cone type teeth which will help remove loose undercoat leaving top coat closer to the skin. A Pumice stone can also be used. If no allergies, spray with a gentle coat conditioner and brush through when dry. If your dog can tolerate it, blast fur with a hair dryer on a cool setting and at it’s highest speed to remove dust/dander. If wriggly brush for a couple of minutes each night then reward and build up on time spent. Once comfortable brushing twice a week for five minutes or so should suffice for this type of coat and apply coat conditioner as per manufacturer instructions.


Is it best to not give her a bath and just use coat conditioner/ hair dryer?


Bathing is good every six weeks or so but the combination of brushing out loose fur, blasting with dryer and coat conditioner will do a great job in between for a healthy coat and you’ll be surprised what a difference it make to restore shine to the coat. When you do bathe your border terrier you can use the Kong Zoom to rub the shampoo into the coat which will also aid with loose fur removal.

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