Dog Grooming FAQs



If you can not find the answers you need please contact me on 07896 902642 or email sarah@prettypups.co.uk

Contacting Pretty Pups …
Please feel free to use which ever method of contact is better for you, whether that is by phone call, text message, email or Facebook messenger.

What do I need to do before my visit to Pretty Pups?
The night before do a quick skin check for fleas and ticks, if you are unsure what to look for, then please feel free to ask me for advice. If you do find any Flea dirt, fleas or ticks then please contact me straight away and we can re-book your appointment once treated and clear.
Please take your dog for a walk before arrival for their comfort and ideally don’t feed them for an hour before the appointment time.

Can I stay with my dog?
Unfortunately not as I am not covered with my Insurance for visitors.

How long does a groom take?
I would expect a full pet groom to generally be around two hours but this can vary dependant on breed size and type of coat. On dropping off your dog, I will be able to offer you a rough idea for time of collection and I will confirm by texting or phoning you twenty minutes before completion.

Why could there be an extra charge if my dog is matted?
This is because extra time will need to be spent and the next appointment may need to be delayed as all matts will need to be removed and will also deaden the blades of the clippers and scissors which I will need to send away to be sharpened sooner.

When should I start having my dog groomed?
I would recommend a bath from twelve weeks old or once they have finished their course of vaccinations.

How often should I take my dog to Pretty Pups?
It really depends on the breed of dog and therefor type of coat but most breeds will need trimming between six to eight weeks. If you have an active dog or you struggle to keep them mat/tangle free then you could always book them in for a brush out and bath with some lovely products mid groom.

Can I do anything to make my dogs visits more enjoyable?
Yes, by brushing your dog regularly they will be used to being handled and by keeping them matt free you will avoid extra stress on your dog as de-matting can be an uncomfortable process and if they have large clumps of matting that won’t brush out, it will lead to the coat having to be cut very short. For advice on equipment and brushing technique please feel free to ask if needed.

What happens to my dog during their visit to Pretty Pups?
On a first visit I will spend time letting your dog have a good sniff around the salon to familiarise themselves with it.
A health check will be done, checking pads, skin, ears and teeth.
I will spend time brushing out their fur, section by section whilst checking for matts and brushing out if able to. For short coats I will also blast out any dead or loose fur on a speed setting they are comfortable with (a blaster is a high velocity hand held dryer without heat).
I will bathe your dog, the type of products used will depend on their coat type and if they have any allergies or skin problems. I will always used any prescribed products as requested by the dogs guardian/owner, please bring these with you if required.
Your dog will be towel dried to remove excess water and then the blaster will be used for a very short time (coat dependent) to speed up their drying process.
The coat will be fully dried using either a high velocity temperature controlled dryer if comfortable or a small hand dryer, very similar to our own hairdryers.
Nail and ear care.
Clipping and scissoring will then begin.
Finishing with coat conditioner or other gorgeous smelling products providing the dog has no skin allergies or irritations.

I am worried about the hygiene of the salon?
Please don’t be. My flooring is laminate and very easy to keep clean. Everything is disinfected between appointments. All my equipment is cleaned to a very high standard. If I find fleas whilst grooming a dog, my days appointments will be cancelled whilst a thorough clean and flea treatment of the dog grooming salon and entrance is done to avoid passing them on, hence the importance of checking your dog for fleas the night before and them being protected with vaccinations and flea and worming treatments.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call me for a chat or to book an appointment on 07896902642. I can also be reached by email .