All go in the new dog grooming salon

Being a Dog Groomer in Chorley has had it’s advantages with the poor weather this week. I had a day off on Monday, so I decided to take Echo out on a nine mile walk and head over to Great Hill. Echo rolled in all things muddy and smelly so I thought it only fair to treat him to an afternoon of pooch pampering which we both thoroughly enjoyed.

My couple of weeks in the new dog grooming salon have been busy. Lots of new furry friends made this week and it was lovely to see some old friends too !

One of my main aims as a dog groomer is to make sure the dogs enjoy their visits and don’t see it as a stressful time. I have worked hard to make sure they are introduced into a calm and relaxed environment and I’m sure Bailey who visited at the weekend will vouch for that as she was the first pooch to fall asleep on the table mid groom !


 I have had a couple of messages asking advice on how to prepare their pup for their first dog grooming visit and also needing tips for keeping the fur tangle free in between visits. I’m always happy to help, so please feel free to contact me and ask any questions you may have.

Thanks for reading, Sarah x

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