Shih Tzu grooming tips

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How to brush my Shih Tzu in between dog grooming visits …

The Shih Tzu breed has a Double Coat type 2 which consists of a shorter undercoat and a longer top coat. They will require regular grooming of around six to eight weeks to keep the coat in tip top condition for the comfort of the dog. If severe matting occurs this can tighten and pull on the skin and can be uncomfortable when brushing out, it can often result in the coat having to be cut very short to avoid any stress and discomfort. I would recommend brushing your Shih Tzu a minimum of three times per week. Other breed examples of a Double Coat of this type are the Lhasa Apso and Old English Sheepdog.

Purchase a slicker brush and a metal comb.

Starting at the feet use the slicker brush first to brush out, followed by the comb to check for matting.

Working your way up the legs, section by section, part the fur with one hand and use the slicker to brush out, followed by the wider end of the comb ensuring you get right to the base of the undercoat from the skin brushing out to the end of the fur.

Continue the above method onto the body, being careful around the more sensitive areas.

Comb the sides of the face and the head, taking great care around the eyes.

Use the slicker to gently brush out the tail, starting at the tip of the tail and moving upwards in sections, whilst holding the tail firmly with the other hand so not to cause discomfort to your dog. Comb through to check for tangles.

This should keep your dogs coat in perfect condition between appointments and make their visits more enjoyable, but if you are struggling to keep the coat matt free in between the recommended six to eight week Dog groomer visits then don’t hesitate to contact me for advice where I will be more than happy to help.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call me for a chat or to book an appointment on 07896902642. I can also be reached by email .

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