Do whitening treatments for dogs really work?

As a Dog Groomer I am slightly obsessed with seeing healthy looking coats and ensuring my furry clients leave my dog grooming salon with their fur coats looking squeaky clean and super healthy. When I decided to look at offering a whitening treatment for dogs I wasn’t sure how good a result the products would[…]

pretty pups playing in the snow

Should I have my Dog groomed in Winter?

Should I have my Dog groomed in Winter? … A question I often get asked Grooming over the winter months is just as important to the health of your dog as grooming in the summer. Long, wet, matted hair easily makes a cold, wet, and infection-susceptible dog. While the double-coated breeds and others with thick,[…]


Border Terrier and Wire Coated grooming tips …

If you have a dog with a wire haired coat such as a border terrier, Dachshund, Cairn Terrier to name a few then here’s a few tips after being asked the questions below on how to keep the coat shiny, healthy and tidy looking … QUESTION Any advice on grooming a smelly scruffy border terrier[…]


Pretty Pups Dog Groomer Chorley – Opening on Saturday 26th September 2015 !

Pretty Pups Dog Groomer Chorley It has been a very busy and exciting week. The new dog grooming salon is coming along very nicely with just a couple of small jobs left to do and the rest of my equipment will be arriving on Monday. I’ve bought some lovely shampoo’s and conditioners and can not[…]