Do whitening treatments for dogs really work?


As a Dog Groomer I am slightly obsessed with seeing healthy looking coats and ensuring my furry clients leave my dog grooming salon with their fur coats looking squeaky clean and super healthy. When I decided to look at offering a whitening treatment for dogs I wasn’t sure how good a result the products would give. There are lots of products on the market so I did a little research and read several reviews on various products.

The answer is Yes! The whitening treatments really work! The white coats I tested the products on came up a treat, bright white, fluffy and glossy with an incredible sheen, making him look super healthy and smelling wonderful.

The Bright White product I use contains a colour enhancer to help brighten the coat and remove stains. It does not contain any harmful chemicals or bleach. It contains natural coconut oil which will add condition to the coat and skin and may reduce dandruff. It is deep cleaning and has a mild coconut fragrance. Most definitely my favourite product.

Ideal for many breed types including Bichons, Westies & Poodles and any other white coated dogs, no matter what the coat type is.

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